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Internet Service Providers In Bangkok: Which One is the Best?

On the bright side, today’s rapidly changing situations have allowed several jobs to be done remotely (and for people to realize that some meetings can usually be a simple email :D). Whether you are writers, investors, or web developers, I bet many of you are enjoying the work from home lifestyle.

The current global pandemic has also forced some businesses to function digitally and employees to work remotely. It hasn’t been the easiest for everyone. One of the issues faced by remote-working professionals is finding a reliable and stable internet connection (as well as other kinds of connection). Finding the most efficient network for a secure connection is therefore essential because it means that you as a professional will be able to get things done without being irritated by unpredictable disconnections.

Did you know that Thailand ranked among the top in the world in regards to home internet efficiency? Today, we will explore some of the major ISPs (internet service providers) in the Thai home internet market.

AIS Fibre:

Its all-inclusive service offerings and up to the minute technology established the brand from others making it the best-fixed broadband internet service provider. Their services are driven by a 100% pure fibre optic that offers subscribers the convenience and efficiency to enhance your experience and productivity (no more rebooting, restarting, or hitting the router!).

Some of their advancements include Speed Toggle and SuperMESH Wifi, which allows subscribers to regulate and control the speed of their internet. Your home can easily be transformed into a high-speed mobile office!

You can start from their most basic broadband advance package at 599 baht per month, which comes with a maximum speed of 500Mbps/500 Mbps. For upgraded connection and more special offers, AIS Fibre POWER4 will provide a higher speed home internet with a higher maximum speed of 1000/200 Mbps at 999 baht per month (it also comes with free 10GB mobile data).

Check out their official website for more information:

True Online:

True Online maximizes your digital convenience through a diverse combination of innovative technologies. Whether you are attending meetings at home, utilizing your favorite cafe’s WiFi, or when you’re running on your 4G, their powerful service aims to enhance your experience at all locations.

One of their most popular packages is the True Gigatex Fiber, which offers a maximum speed of 200 Mbps/200 Mbps at 599 baht per month, plus free 300 Mbps 4G mobile data. The Gigatex Fiber package is also available for more advanced users at 799, 899, 999, and 1299 baht with faster speed and more special offers.

Check out their official website for more information:

3BB Internet:

3BB WiFi is the new alternative for all kinds of digital communication. It’s claimed to be the solution for all subscribers who need to connect to the internet all day every day. Using different technologies, They currently operate the largest nationwide network and coverage with more than 80,000 free WiFi locations across Thailand. Their WiFi network also comes with cloud storage services in certain areas of Bangkok.

Some of their packages include 1 Gbps/100 Mbps at 590 baht per month, 1 Gbps/500 Mbps at 700 baht per month, 1 Gbps/700 Mbps at 900 baht per month, and 1 Gbps/1 Gbps at 1,200 baht per month

Check out their official website for more information:


TOT is among the most well-known internet service providers in Thailand. Their wired internet can reach speeds ranging from 6 Mb/s and 15 Mb/s. They also offer options for wireless connectivity as well. With this, subscribers can reach a connectivity speed of up to 42 Mb/s.

Their major packages include TOT fiber 2U, TOT hi-speed, and TOT Satellite. The packages also come with a great value ranging from 300-900 baht.

Check out their official website for more information:


No matter what your priorities are, major considerations to achieve smooth usage of home internet while working at home include location, specific work schemes, data needs, and distinct upload/download speeds.

In order to decide on one internet provider or package, I would advise you to take your time and define what you really need the internet for. Consider all options since there might be significant price differences despite similar data speeds. Also, if you live in a condo, remember to check with your homeowner as well as the residential team in case there are specific rules you have to follow.

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